Our Town by Thorton Wilder

200px-Our_Town-1Our Town by Thorton Wilder, is a three act play that follows the experiences of a typical American family. This play takes place in Grover’s Corners, New Hampshire. Throughout this play, we learn about different families, love and marriages as well as life and death. The major thing that sets this play apart from others is that there is not a major climax or conflict, this play just follows the path of individuals showing the cycle of life. I really enjoyed how the Stage Manager was portrayed. I felt more connected to the actors. However, I did feel that the play started off slowly and did not grab my attention right away. I was also a little confused; there were so many characters to try and keep straight and to remember who they are and whom they associate with. The part I mostly enjoyed was in the third part when Emily, one of the main characters dies and goes to the after life. Not wanting to accept the fact that she has passed on she wants to return to a fond memory of hers. I found it very intriguing and not like any other plays I have have seen or read because usually when a character dies they are out of the play. This play definitely highlighted life and death, love and marriage. This play is definitely a wonderful classic.

By Christina Y.

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