Names Will Never Hurt Me by Jaime Adoff

In Names Will Never Hurt Me, a first novel by Jaime Adoff, you are taken into the lives of four teens that are living in entirely different worlds. There is Ryan the all- American jock and football quarterback, Kurt the afreaka who cannot seem to escape the bullies, Tisha the half-European half African American girl who feels like an outcast, and Marc whose only mission is to gain power by feeding the principle information. As the author takes you into the hearts and minds of these four characters, you begin to experience what they are feeling. The author makes everything seem so real that you all feel as if your sitting right there in the classroom with these students.

This book takes place throughout an average day of school at Rockville High. Only the day is far from normal, it is the one-year anniversary of a murder that took place right in those very halls. Bullies, racism, rape, teasing, and secrets roam the hallways, as well as double security guards and a nosey news reporter. You can feel the tension rising but will today be enough to send them all over the edge? Furthermore, can these for students join together before another tragedy takes place? The thoughts and actions of these four teens are brought together in prose-poetry form. What is going to happen next? This book will keep you turning the pages; you will never want to set it down. This is a powerfully written novel – great for any teen.

Reviewed by Kara C.


2 thoughts on “Names Will Never Hurt Me by Jaime Adoff”

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