Kindred By Octavia E. Butler

8165Y22bNlLIn the late 1900’s, Dana, a young black women, suddenly is plunged into the early years of slavery where she lives in the time of hatred and disgust that filled the lives of poor African slaves. She is sent back in time to save a white man named Rufus, the owner of a plantation in the south and continues to travel back in time to save his life and assures that he grows to be a good man since he is the father of her great grandmother. She suffers through troubled and difficult time periods trying to fit into the lifestyle of a slave and still make sure everything goes as planned and she does not change history. With each travel back in time her journey become more dangerous but she learns more about herself and the life of a slave.

The book was an excellent story that held me till the end. The events of the story were very intriguing and kept me imagining the scenes. The author shows great descriptive language and results in an astonishing novel that explains the hardships of the past and the revelation of a person. The author concludes the book in a wonderful moral about learning, changing, and finding yourself.

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