Great Expectation By Charles Dickens


Great Expectation was a remarkable and unforgettable novel written by Charles Dickens in 1861. This book reflected the social reality of England by introducing a boy who tried to survive and achieved a great expectation in the society.

Pip, an orphan boy adopted by a blacksmith’s family, who has good luck and great expectations, and then loses both his luck and his expectations. Through the time period, however, Pip learns how to find happiness. He learns the meaning of friendship and the meaning of love and, of course, becomes a better person for it. By the end of the story, Pip decided to go to London to become a real gentleman.

I highly recommend Great Expectation to everyone who loves reading. It perfectly demonstrates the obsessions and expectations of a little boy in such a complicated world. It provides readers a clear window to look deeply into the dark side of the classic rules and limited society. Through this story, everyone will learn how to build and chased their ambitions and expectations. Thus, Great Expectation is definitely a book that you want to read.

Reviewed By Arily Hao


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