Go Ask Alice By Anonymous

Sure, we all love fiction books because they use a lot of imagination and are usually exciting, but if you are into true stores, otherwise known as non-fiction, then this is the book for you. Teens in high school come across many problems. Some suffer from being an outcast, drug abuse, or even problems with family. In Go Ask Alice, these are all the issues.

A fifteen-year-old girl diarist faces many troubles. She worries about her crush Roger and how he views her, she is unhappy with her weight gain, she is uncomfortable at school, and she has difficulty relating to her parents and her siblings Tim and Alexandria. The main character is named Alice in the novel, although the person is anonymous. It all started when Alice went to her first party. Unknowingly she had LSD in her drink and experienced a fantastic trip. She decided then that she does not want to continue doing drugs. She makes a big mistake though by hanging out with the wrong people, and continues doing LSD and other drugs.

Seeing Alice struggle through these difficulties and then trying to find a way out is a huge adventure. It’s as if she knows what she is doing is wrong and she tries to avoid it, but it seems to haunt her. The book is filled with strange characters that one doesn’t often meet. An example of this is Jan. Jan is a former friend of Alice who slips LSD in Alice’s food while she is babysitting, and leaves her to end up in the insane asylum.

“But I think when a person gets older she should be able to discuss her problems and thoughts with other people, instead of just with another part of herself as you have been to me.” Alice states this once she feels she is ready to stop writing in her diary, and start interacting with others.

Go Ask Alice not only opens your eyes to the dangers of hanging out with the wrong crowd, but also shows us we are not alone in this world. The best part about this book is that the author is the character. She remains anonymous. Even though this book seems predictable, try reading it and find out what really happens in the end.

Reviewed by Lalah P.

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