Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

200px-DeathOfASalesman When we think about a salesman, the idea of a life full of tragedy does not come to our minds. However Arthur Miller wrote about this, and even received a Pulitzer Prize for his marvelous work. Death of a Salesman tells the story about a sixty-three year old traveling salesman, named Willy whose relationship with his family deteriorates day by day, especially with his oldest son Biff.

This drama shows a complicated family life at its worst. Frustration plays an important role in these conflicts. Willy spends most of the time regretting things he did in the past, wondering what would have happened if he had done things different. Most of Willy’s disappointments also come from his two sons; he feels that they have both wasted their lives and makes them live a living hell, so that in certain way they can feel guilty for not doing anything.

I would say that the most attractive aspect of this story is that it presents fantasy versus reality. The main character Willy used to get lost in his memories. Every time he had some kind of issue with his job or family, the real world seemed to vanish, leaving him recreating some time in the past that if changed would solve his problems in the present.

After reading Death of a Salesman I realized that it was really worth it, because Miller manages to make you feel like if that family were yours, so you actually really get involved in the story.

By Diana Z.


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