Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller

200px-DeathOfASalesmanAbandonment, betrayal, and tragedy can be pretty suspenseful themes. If you like those themes, then I bet you are going to love this book. Death of a Salesman by Arthur Miller is about a hard-hitting, sad, unsuccessful salesman who at the end sacrifices his life for nothing. Willy Loman is a 60 year old traveling salesman who always comes home unsuccessful. Willy always looks back on his life and not at the present. This problem of his also played a huge factor of his shortcomings. He always based his life on his morals of successes which completely does not work. He thought just because he was liked, he would be pretty successful in life. Apparently this method did not work for Willy.

One success in his life is his two sons, Biff and Happy. But Biff and Happy also get caught up with Willy’s unsuccessful methods and teachings. Biff and Happy end up in miserable lives all because of Willy’s teachings. Arguments after arguments, Biff decides the best thing to do is leave and never comeback. At this point, Biff was never going to walk and follow his father’s dreams of becoming successful in life.

Years later Willy is now lost and unemployed. He wanted to make up for the losses and the hardships he brought upon his family by killing himself so that his. He also wanted to prove that his life was not even useless even at the end. He also expected his funeral to be grand and lavish. But in the end his life insurance did not cover his death, in which his family can’t collect the life insurance money. Willy’s family with his two other friends came to the funeral being a pretty dull and sad funeral, this was not the expectation for Willy. Willy throughout his life fails to achieve the American Dream and to be a great role model for his two sons. Willy’s dream falls short and goes down the drain with in a snap of a finger.

By Tommy L.


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