Clay by David Almond

Clay is an interesting book that falls under the genre of fantasy. The book starts off with one of the main characters, Stephen Rose. He soon becomes friends with two naughty boys named Davie and Geordie. Even though Stephen is more on the quiet side, Davie believes that Stephen is special.

Soon Stephen’s special skill is revealed to his new friends and they are amazed. He can create clay figures with much skill. Even though Davie does not want to continue being friends with Stephen, he thinks that there is something special about his new friend. Stephen makes a clay figure from clay found in a local fountain and realizes that he can make a life-sized figure to protect himself and do good. At first the clay figure wants Stephen to command him. However, as Stephen influences the figure and realizes that he can have the figure do anything he wants, the creation goes in a completely different direction and starts to cause mischief. Davie decides that he must go against his new friend’s beliefs and try to stop him. Stephen must learn about controlling his amazing power and a sense of responsibility.

This book is good at examining the moral values of a teenager’s life and is appropriate for high school level readers. The author provides the reader with a good underlying message of respect and honesty.

Reviewed by Thomas Y


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