Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan

9780316605106_p0_v4_s260x420When you hear the word “Vampire” what comes to your mind? Is it sucking blood, sharp teeth, garlic and crosses? That is the typical answer, but the book Cirque Du Freak by Darren Shan, goes in dept about vampires from a whole different view. The horrific scenes and the grotesque and detailed description allows the reader to feel as if they were really there. This heart pounding book will provide you with the excitement that will feel even bigger than watching a horror movie at a theater.
Most books about Vampires are just stories of vampires sucking blood from humans and being evil. But in this book, the author creates another world about vampires, describing their complicated lives. Also, in this book, vampires are not evil. This interesting view of vampires that has never been seen before adds to the uniqueness and newness to the theme of the book. Also, the fact that the name of the main character is the name of the author, makes the reader believe for a second that some part of the story might actually be real. This also adds to the horror of the book.
It all started when Darren Shan and his group of friends find an advertisement to a freak show. None of them believed it could be real, after all it was a freak show, describing that there would be actual “freaks”. No one would have ever thought that going to this freak show would change Darren’s life forever. Darren’s friend Steve, was in charge of buying the tickets for the group of friends, but he was only able to attain two tickets. There were four people in his group of friends, so their only option was to fight for it. Darren and Steve were the ones that ended up with the tickets. And their story began from here.
When arriving at the freak show, Darren and Steve could not believe their eyes. After witnessing a half wolf half human boy, a man who had two bellies, a man who controlled a deadly spider, and many more, they knew for sure that the freak show was real. After the freak show, he overhead his friend Steve talking to one of the people from the freak show. When he heard his friend begging the man to turn him into a vampire, his jaw almost dropped. The man refused, so they both went home. All seemed well until one day Darren decided to do something that was completely insane. No one had any idea that his next decision would alter his life forever.
This book provides excitement, and provides a whole new view about Vampires. All of the material in this book was new, and exciting, causing me to never want to put the book down. The author not only talks about vampires, but also touches on the meaning of appreciating things, especially life. Before Darren went to the freak show and witnessed all of the abnormal people, he didn’t think twice of what he had. And before he became a half vampire, and found out he could no longer stay with his family, he realized for the first time how important his family was to him. It is interesting and amazing how the author can include so much meaning and make the book horrific at the same time. This book is a must read not only for horror lovers, but for those who read in general.

Reviewed by Erika F.


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