And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie

Summary: Ten people with ten entirely different personalities are invited to the same location. They have all committed sins, known only by their mysterious host. Arriving at Soldier Island, the ten people find a recording that accuses each person of committing undetected murder. One by one each of them is killed according to a nursery rhyme. There is no way to connect to the outside world. How long can they survive? Will they figure out who the killer is before they all end up dead?

Critic: An isolated and lonely Soldier Island, ten strangers, and a creepy nursery rhyme are all the elements used to make a great book. All of these elements are the perfect combination of mystery, suspense and thriller. This book, And Then There Were None, by Agatha Christie has it. How Christie writes is well thought out and her effort is clearly shown in her work on this book. She explores her characters in such depth that causes the reader to feel the same emotions that the characters have felt, making the reader attached to them.

Why we picked it up: Our friends read this book and suggested it to us.

Why we kept reading it: There was a lot of intriguing suspense in the plot. We had many questions about the story, but for them to be answered we had to keep reading.

Who would we give it to next: We would suggest this book to anyone that likes a good mystery and suspense book.    

Reviewed by Megha K. and Vaishnavi P.


Review #2 And Then There Were None is a detective novelwritten by Agatha Christie, one of the famous crime novel writers. Ten people are invited to an island and find themselves are trapped in the games of their unknown host, Mr. U.N. Owen. They are murdered And_Then_There_Were_None_US_First_Edition_Cover_1940according to the rhythm which known as the ‘Ten little Indians’. Why do they get killed? Each of them, with incredible secret, has an unknown past that fascinates every single reader. Agatha creates an extremely mysterious and horrible atmosphere which you can never stop reading from it. Are they going to survive? Are they able to escape before they are killed? I personally like this book because Agatha creates an interesting setting and plot for the story. Her writing makes you feel like you are one of the characters in the story! I strongly recommended it to persons who like detective stories to read this book! And Then There Were None is a suspenseful and mysterious story for questions with an unexpected ending.

Reviewed by Hannah K.


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