A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks

bookcover-680x1020A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks is a heart warming story about a girl named Jamie Sullivan and a jock, Landon Carter. The two are introduced when Landon is assigned community service as a result of one of his pranks on his classmate. He is put into the spring play and rehearses with Jamie since they are one of the two important characters in the play. Throughout the rehearsals, Jamie and Landon become closer and declare their love for each other. Then, Jamie tells Landon that she is extremely ill and will reach God soon.

I loved this book because it had so many events that I was able to relate to. The author did a fantastic job of writing a story about realistic high school events that could happen anytime in the world. I was glad to have read the book before watching the movie because the movie lacked many important details. The book is filled with more emotion and events. I would recommend this book to high school girls who love to curl up with a good book on their bed over the weekend.

Reviewed By: Radhika K.


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