A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

175px-StreetcarNamedDesire This title, A Streetcar Named Desire describes the entire story in bold words. The main character Blanche DuBois has little to live for in the face of society. The women go on a journey of great physical and mental proportions. She hasn’t quite got it all there and so is having an affair on her husband. Blanche DuBois while traveling this journey had sex with her students. Would this make your children sick? I definitely would recommend you see this play or at least read the book. Blanche DuBois had a hard life and traveled through rape and her sister Stella’s husband’s trust. This man Stanley raped her and had her sent to the insane asylum. Blanche had lost her entire heritage from her parents’ deaths which had caused all this. Blanche starts to have hallucinations and is living in a fantasy world that she will never realize is not true. As the nurse to wisk her away shows up Blanche believes she is leaving with her “millionaire husband” and has a slight conversation with herself in the bathroom to really give the reader a sense of her loss on reality. READ OR WATCH IT !

By Nate S.


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