A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

A Street Car Named Desire, by Tennessee Williams, is an amazing novel that demonstrates how love cannot take place between two lovers under harsh conditions. Blanche is the main character in the story and experiences love but it just cannot happen. She visits her sister, Stella, in New Orleans and falls in love with one of her husband’s best friend. However, the relationship between Stella’s husband and Blanche is very stressful. Thus she is unable to love her husband’s best friend. Blanche has a very mysterious past and Stella’s husband is very curious and suspicious of her and once he finds out that she was sleeping around, he immediately informs his best friend. If only Blanche was truthful and did not hide her past from the one she loved, she could have still been with him. If you were to pick up this book in your local library, you would be nothing but satisfied. I personally enjoyed reading this novel, as I believed that the storyline and plot had to deal with everyday life scenarios. I would personally and strongly recommend this book to any reader who is interested in books that deal with realism and true love.

By Justin M.


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