A Streetcar Named Desire by Tennessee Williams

175px-StreetcarNamedDesireA Streetcar Named Desire is a very good yet sad story. In it is a girl by the name of Blanche. She gets kicked out of her home town for inappropriate behavior. She would have sex with countless guys. She is a confused girl who goes to live with her sister Stella and her husband Stalin. Stalin has a feeling that Blanche didn’t give Stella enough of the money they inherited. Angered by this he makes her life a living hell. One of Stalin’s friends, Mitch, starts to go out with Blanche so Stalin goes and tells Mitch about Blanche’s past. This causes Mitch to break up with Blanche. As if that wasn’t bad enough, Stalin comes home and rapes Blanche. When Blanche tells everyone, no one believes her and she is sent to an insane asylum and the story ends.

This is one of those stories that go from sad to even sadder. At the end Blanche is no longer in a state of reality, she is drunk and confused. The story is brilliant because it lets the reader expect some kind of happy ending for Blanche. A reader would expect the author to have some mercy on Blanche. Yet the story goes the other way around and ends really badly for Blanche. This story causes the reader to become enraged at Stalin during the course of the play. Yet when he wins after all the terrible things he had done to Blanche, it leaves the audience completely in shock. This story gives the reader an ending that not only surprises the reader but leaves the reader in denial of its ending. I think it is safe to say that it deserves two thumbs up.

By Aiby G.


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