A Mango-Shaped Space by Wendy Mass


book coverWhile most people have and use their four senses in the standard way; for taste, smell, hearing, and sight, Mia in A Mango- Shaped Space by Wendy Mass does not. Unlike the average 13 year-olds in her school, Mia uses her senses differently because for her, sounds, numbers, and letters have color. To Mia all the names, articles, and math problems are read in color not in the normal black and white. With time Mia has difficulty with schoolwork because of her secret and is forced to share it. By revealing her secret, Mia starts to feel like a freak and pulls away from her friends. Being unconscious of her actions, Mia enters into a journey to find her true and inner self.

This story is well-written and very unique. It is written very realistically for it shows the average reaction for a student with an abnormality. I like how the writer created an imaginary abnormality to show how students who are different react in certain situations. I enjoyed reading how she handled her problems as well as reacted towards them. The descriptions of Mia experiencing the many colors in her mind are fantastic and well written. The story’s explanation of Mia’s symptoms is very clearly described with great and vivid wording. Although this symptom is very unique, the author uses great language to provide a good understanding for it. As I liked reading the book, the story took a while to reach to the climax although it kept the excitement of the storyline intense.

Reviewed by Vinita S.


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