When it Happens by Susan Colasanti

9e3f76cfa868b48cc3a94e86a4b277f8When it Happens , by Susan Colasanti, is a romance novel full of twist and turns. The hidden theme throughout the book is “ Don’t judge book by it’s cover.” Sara Tyler is a typical high school student, she’s had her crushes here and there, achieves excellent grades….. but she is hardly ever noticed. However, this year, she is determined to go out with a decent guy, and in her mind that is Dave, the jock. But then there’s Tobey, a wannabe rockstar with gorgeous blue eyes that has shown interest in her. This book is very instructive because it shows that almost everyone (the teenage population) puts on a facade that allows them to seem more perfect in their peers’ views. Most people don’t try to look under this facade and think that this person is flawless, where in reality they aren’t. It taught me that I shouldn’t judge people on the way they look. Someone might look very nice, but he or she may be deceiving or backstabbing. When it Happens gives an insight of a typical teenage girl’s life. It perfectly captures the way that teenagers talk and is not too cheesy and unrealistic on the romance.


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