Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

Experiencing life with friends, desires and family is something every teenager goes through. However, the way Tyler Miller experienced it was like no other teenager. Tyler Miller goes from being an average unnoticed guy to the tough guy of school. He graffitied the school and receives probation over the summer and falls in love with the queen bee Bethany Miller. From there his life is simply twisted. Laurie Halse Anderson writes about the pros and cons about the life of an average teen and how he deals with his family and friends.41jZX+jFwQLTwisted is a book that I would recommend to young adults who love reading about romance and do not mind rough tragedies and incidents that occur throughout the book. Love finds ways to go wrong is the main theme of this book and making everything better is the other struggle faced. Tyler is determined to make things right again but he must face many obstacles first. Personally, I did not like the book very much even though the plot drew me in. After the first few chapters, the story revolved around topics which were very severe and it ruined the enthusiasm. Even if this book was not the best, it certainly has very important lessons for the youth pertaining to why and how one should make careful decisions.

Reviewed by: Meetali K.

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